Sell, Trade or Consign Your Watch


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Cash Value : We believe in the value of beautiful timepieces. We ensure the cash value we offer always remains competitive so that you receive top dollar for your luxury item. Our top-notch research guarantees the purchase cash out price is fair and accurate with current marketplace prices.

Convenience : We make selling your luxury item(s) simple through our secure online tools and helpful staff at our 2 retail locations - 128 Cumberland Street and 333 Eglinton Avenue West. The quick turnaround ensures that the transaction will be seamless, stress-free, and simple. This process can be as quick as one visit to our store.

Credibility : We can afford to offer higher prices for your luxury watches and jewellery because our long-standing reputation for offering authentic, sought-after items means we are able to sell these items quickly and return that money back to our sellers. Through a combination of professional presentation and maximum exposure, Watchfinder attracts shoppers looking for luxury who find us through our easy-to-navigate website or our high traffic retail locations in Yorkville and Eglinton West.



At Watchfinder, we offer 2 easy ways to sell your item(s): direct selling and consignment.

We welcome gently used authentic luxury men’s and ladies’ watches and jewellery. We accept luxury brands that include, but not limited to : Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, OMEGA, Concord, Panerai, and IWC. All items need to be clean, in working order, and good to excellent condition. Items that require repair or have excessive damage will not be accepted. To find out if we accept your watch, call us 416-928-0128.

Direct Selling

1. Bring Us Your Item : The fastest and most efficient way to sell your watch is to bring it into one of our 2 retail locations. You will need to include the original box, documents, packaging materials, and a proper piece of identification. After careful and attentive inspection of the watch, our professional specialists can give you a quote on the spot.

If you prefer to start the process online, you can fill out the item submission form to the best of your ability. By submitting this form to Watchfinder, you are stating that all the information is accurate and to the best of your knowledge, the item is 100% authentic. However, in order to give you an accurate quote, we will eventually need to see the item in person. 

2. Acceptance : Once we have inspected your watch, we will offer you a buyout price quote. Acceptance and price quotes are based on condition, brand, popularity of item, and above all, authenticity. If you are happy with the quote, we will take it in for professional photography and list it in the "New Arrivals" section of our website. 

3. Get Paid : Your payment is issued via cheque once we receive and authenticate your item(s). This usually takes place on the spot as soon as we guarantee the item(s) meets our high quality standards. If upon our inspection we do not approve the item, we will promptly return the item to you and no payment will be issued.


If you wish to consign with us, bring it into the store and we’ll review your watch, along with all the necessary documents. If we approve the item, we will negotiate a fair price that you will receive once it is purchased. The item will then be professionally photographed and listed on our website. Once the item sells, you will receive a call from us to pick up your payment. If the buyer is making an offer, we will contact you to ensure you agree with the price before completing the purchase. There is no expiry date on consignment listings, and you can always take back your watch at any time. 



Our shoppers come to us because they can rely on the authenticity of our merchandise. That’s why authentication is very important to us and we deal exclusively with 100% authentic items. We will not accept anything that is not authentic. If you still have questions, please e-mail us at or call us 416-928-0128 and one of our customer care specialists will be happy to assist you.